What are your thoughts on the use of drones in war and military operations?


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Another tool of war.

In civilian operations? Another and conflicted kettle of fish.

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John McCann
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Killing is killing. Having fought in a war make my perspective somewhat different from others, I suppose, so I do not feel any chill here, whatever that would be.
Yo Kass
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Yeah, but before people used to risk their lives going to war. You'd be entering a battlefield - bravery and skill was required.

If drone warfare is going to be the future, does this mean the most "skilled" soldiers are going to be people like my little brother who spend hours each day playing video games?

Also, when you're physically there and present for the killing - you understand the repercussions .

I think with these "remote killings", there's a danger that the value of a human life will be forgotten, no? It'll just be like playing a video-game/
John McCann
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Perhaps, but the point of fight a war is winning and winning means killing the enemy.

Pretty much that simple.

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