Why are Saudis obsessed with cars?


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Here is a theory (I have no evidence to back it up).

Saudi is boring - I've worked there.

Entertainment of any sort is non-existent.

It's usually too hot to indulge in any sport. TV is awful.

There are very few sights or sites to see (I'm told that Makkah and Medina are beautiful, but as a non-Muslim I was never allowed right into the places.

So, if you are wealthy, and the roads are good, and your vehicle has A/C why not indulge yourself in the only pastime that is vaguely rewarding in such a miserable place.

Get a car and drive it for fun.....

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Yo Kass
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Interesting theory. I'm kinda fascinated by Saudi culture. On the surface I think you're right, it seems all they do is drive cars, visit shopping malls and eat - but I'd be surprised if there wasn't a more intriguing underbelly to the society! Or at least I hope there is
Ray Dart
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There may be something I am missing. I got on well with the Saudis, over a long period of time and they are good conversationalists but there never seemed to be anything much that they did for fun. On one of my trips, I was working at the "King Fahd Facility for the Production of the Holy Q'uran". Most of the actual workers were from Egypt or the Lebanon, so always had a more "normal"(?) culture to return to. I shall never return to Saudi - I'm grateful for that.
Adila Adila
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I agree with you BUT, I have a friend from there and she says there are p;aces to visit but they're mainly for boys/men . I don't think girls are allowed that kind of freedom. sad really...

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