An unarmed woman was killed in a hail of police bullets in front of her 1-year-old child AFTER exiting her vehicle. Why is noone outraged?!


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Carl Green answered

Yes, when I heard about this story I thought it stank of "trigger happy" policing.

Perhaps they were on edge after the shootings at the navy base, but still.. I don't think this was handled correctly at all, but since the media didn't kick up a fuss, we are preconditioned to just go along...

What I found terrible was that although the scene must have been pretty thoroughly examined, even the day after reports in the media still couldn't confirm whether there was even a child in the car.

If they had wanted us to feel emotional outrage, they would have played that angle more. Instead, it was all "unconfirmed reports" of a child (not a 1 year old baby as it turned out to be the case).

Anyway, the whole episode disgusts me, so I am outraged!

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John McCann answered

It seems the outrage is slow to build here but the press seems to be asking more and more uncomfortable questions of the police involved here.

The scene is highly sensitive though, White House and Capitol Building, so extreme measures can always be expected here.

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