If you could go back in time and ask a historical person one question, who would you visit and what would you ask?


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Great question! For me it is extremely hard to choose. Well, Jesus is an obvious choice, but not sure which question I would ask. There are several from Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Picts, Druids, early Dynasties of the Orient, Ancient Rome, and several Native American Tribes. I LOVE HISTORY! :) That's why I asked if there would be any interaction with the other question.

I want to understand and expand the human mind. I frequently say that the human race as a whole is the equivalent of a toddler in maturity levels; which makes our advances in many things a miracle.

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Awesome question as a historian i would see all the reformations and revolutions that happened through the ages.i was hoping more to go somewhere in Latin america

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I'd go back and see Henry VIII because I just want to know what was going through that man's mind when he did the crazy things he did, I'd ask him if he wanted to marry me , then run away before he said yes... (if he said yes)...

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