I have reached a point in life where my mom has died, and it has been five years, but I keep crying about it from time to time each year... how should I deal with this by myself?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Like I tell many who have lost a loved one to plant a tree in a secret spot  in their honor as it gives you a place to talk to this person everyday and many report back that it actually works and the person actually contacts them back. Its just an idea but has helped many others so may be worth a try. Sorry for you loss.  Good luck

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nk kutty answered

The thoughts about you mom will fade in due course. Time is the best cure. But you should not worry for the same. You have to live for you. That is for you and your mom also wanted. Get involved  in your day to day activities.

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Rath Keale answered

I'm so sorry that this has happened.

It's time to get some counseling on how to develop coping strategies and to have someone to talk to about this.  You clearly need help to learn how to manage your life without your mom so that you can move forward and enjoy your life the way your mom would want you to.

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I think it is normal to cry from time to time when you think of your mum. I haven't lost mine, I lost my Grandfather in 2005 and I still cry when I talk about him because I loved him so much and felt cheated when he died. I still wish I could speak with him because things happen in my life today and I think I wish I could talk to him about this. You realise that there is just never enough time when you lose someone you love. So having lost your mum, I can only imagine that to be heartbreakingly devastating,  but I have no experience myself so here is a link from a woman who has. Much love x

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