National healthcare vs right to bear arms: which would you rather have?


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Is this an either/or question?

The right to bear arms is often (deliberately) misrepresented in the US. There are some that translate it to "I can have a gun if I want one".

The founding fathers almost certainly did not mean that, they thought (and the wording of the original amendment implies) that such a right was necessary for the defence of the state.

Every US citizen should be entitled to "free at the point of delivery" healthcare, but the way this has been/is being introduced is a real botch. I think that Obamacare is a good and sincerely-intended system, doomed to fail because of conservative resistance. A pity.

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Ray Dart
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Note the UK English spelling of defence is defence. Defense is an American spelling. I've lived a while in the USA, but I'm actually English (and I'm in England now.) :)
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@ Ray Dart

I stand corrected on this, the spelling, but the other point I made is unassailable.
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@ Kass Yassin

" if people were forced to choose, which would the hold as more important? "

It does not work that way except in thought experiments, thus the fallacy of the false comparison point stands.
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BALANCE THE TWO OUT. Its very hard to choose, both have their pros and cons. So the best thing for any government to do is to allocate equal resources to both. 

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