Where Are The Best Areas To Live In Swindon?


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The link centre in West Swindon has a ice rink, climbing wall, gyms and many other leisure activities, including shopping. The other option is near the Oasis centre where there are lots of modern facilities.
Your love of town or country living will determine if you live on the outskirts of town, or right in the centre, and also whether you have children to cart to school or not.

Swindon has developed as a good place to work ,and so many residential areas were set up. It has a good town council with an excellent website.So maybe that should be your starting point, they can tell you property values and all the initiatives that are going on in the area, to help make your decision easier, based on which highway you have to get to, to get to work and back.

Also it rather depends how much you can invest in property, as to what area you settle in.
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If you don't know swindon it can be tricky as some not so nice areas border nicer areas.
Broome manor (can be eexpensive but nice). Lawn (nice big hses near good schools). Oakhurst (nicest part of new development and furtherest away from abbeymeads close to shops and new schools and cotswold water park 5min by car. Orbital shopping down the road and great links to m4 and A419. There is of course old town though I'm personally not keen on the front garden develpment.

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