How Can I View Satellite Images Of Houses And Addresses?


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Google Earth is the best tool for this, and you can do so by downloading the application on your mobile phone or computer from It is available in 37 languages.

The tool is rather controversial one too, with as many advantages and disadvantages. Since the rise of Global Positional System (GPS) satellites in the modern era, it has made tracking one’s movements simple but may also limit one’s privacy and pose a threat to personal and national security. The next few decades will focus on tackling the effects of this duality.

In 2008, Google fully integrated its Street View into Google Earth. In version 6.0, the photo zooming function has been removed because it is incompatible with the new 'seamless' navigation. Google Street View provides 360 degree panoramic street level views and allows users to view parts of selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas at ground level.

It has since expanded to more than 40 US cities, and includes the suburbs of many, and in some cases, other nearby cities. Recent updates have now implemented Street View in most of the major cities of Australia and New Zealand as well as parts of Canada, parts of South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, Japan, Norway, Finland, Spain, Sweden, France, the UK, Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Google Street View, when operated, displays photos that were previously taken by a camera mounted on an automobile, and can be navigated by using the mouse to click on photograph icons displayed on the screen in your direction of travel. Using these devices, the photos can be viewed in different sizes, from any direction, and from a variety of angles.
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Google earth is one of the best ways to view satellite images
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You can go to google earth to view awesome satellite images of your house.

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