What Does Prince Of Wales Mean?


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The expression Prince of Wales is generally given to the successor apparent to the reigning ruler of United Kingdom. At the moment the Prince of Wales is Prince Charles, who is the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

At the moment the Prince of Wales has no official role or liability which has been legislated by the parliament or else entrusted by the ruler. At the moment Prince Charles, is the 21st possessor of the designation. After the Roman era, Wales was distributed into many small states. Before the Norman take-over of England, the ruler having maximum power was known as King of the Britons.

During the 12th and the 13th century this title was changed to Prince of Wales. In the Latin language the designation was known as "Princeps Wallie", where as in Welsh it was known as "Tywysog Cymru".
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It was a position/title created by Edward the 1st to stop the Welsh having their own ruler. Most self respecting Welsh do not recognise the eldest son of the monarch as anything to do with Wales.
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The title was created as such in 1301 by Edward 1 of England.
legend has it that, Edward , after the initial conquest of Wales promised the rebellious Welsh a ruler who was born in Wales and had no English ( language). His baby son also Edward (later Edward II) fitted the bill .
Prior to this Wales had been divided into smaller kingdoms and even earlier tribal units.
The title had however been claimed by Llywellyn the Last in 1258.
Since 1301 there have been 21 princes of Wales, including the present one.
There's no automatic succession to the title, it's renewed at the pleasure of the sovereign.
The office is one of some debate in Wales

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