What Does A Foreign Affairs Minister Do?


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A foreign affairs minister is a minister in the cabinet of the government. He helps the government make the foreign policies of a country. It is often a senior position reporting directly to the prime minister or president.

The duties and responsibilities of a foreign minister varies from one country to other however, some functions are quite common. The Foreign affairs minister of any country is responsible in promoting the interests and image of the country abroad. Promoting friendly relations and economic cooperation, exports, tourism potential, attracting foreign investment and enhancing scientific, technological and cultural links with other nations also forms a part of his tasks. Besides these he also generally provides economic and political information and also advice to the prevailing Government.

Also it is the duty of the Foreign minister to uphold the rule of law in international affairs and establish peace at the countries international borders. It is also imperative that he assists diplomatic missions, supports international organizations and foreign NGOs in the discharge of their duties.

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