What percentage of Pakistani youngsters are hopeful about their bright future in Pakistan?


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Inshallah, a high percentage of Pakistanis are hopeful about their bright future in Pakistan.

In order to achieve a definitive answer to this question, and other questions regarding the young people of Pakistan, it would be essential to conduct a comprehensive survey. Here are a few tips on undertaking such a challenge:

Survey a large group

The larger the cohort of young Pakistani people you survey, the more accurate your survey results will be. Contact schools, universities, large employers and use social media to make connections with as large a number of people as possible.

Survey a diverse group

Don't stick to just one type of young Pakistani person - reach across the class divide, survey people from different religions, different social classes, different regions and different political persuasions.

Think carefully about the questions you ask 

If you're going to survey a large group of people, make the most of the opportunity and try to glean as much valuable information as you can. Take time writing your questions and test them out on friends and family before 'going live.'

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