Which royal family does Jarvan belong to in League of Legends?


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In the online video game, League of Legends, Jarvan IV belongs to the Lightshield royal family. He's a champion, chosen as the Exemplar of Demacia.

For over a century, Jarvan's father, Jarvan III, has ruled over Demacia as the current King. And their forefathers before them ruled for centuries before them.

As a Lightshield, Jarvan IV has spent much of his life in battle against those who pose a threat to Demacia. As a Champion, and as the Prince of Demacia, he's a good choice for those looking to succeed in battle whilst playing League of Legends.

He doesn't deal out quite as much damage as Champions like Master Yi, Tryndamere, or Caitlyn, but you'll often find that Jarvan has the biggest impact in a game, with a high kill-to-death ratio, and plenty of assists.

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