Can you give me an example of totalitarian dictatorship?


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Hitler and Germany, Mussolini and Italy, Tojo and Japan. Khmer Rouge in Laos.

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The most famous totalitarian dictatorship is probably that of Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler. Another is the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

The concept of totalitarianism has its routes in German and Italian fascist ideology, and is based on the idea that the state or government should control all aspects of society.

Totalitarianism was also prominent in communist and Marxist philosophy, and also enjoyed popularity in pre-WWII Japan.

Today, totalitarianism does still exist, with dictators like Syria's Bashar al Assad or North Korea's Kim Jong Un responsible for much misery.

It could also be argued that the death of totalitarianism in the Western wold is more down to governments in developed countries having more sophisticated methods of monitoring and controlling their citizens.

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Francisco Franco in Spain (1939-1975)

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