I'm 20 something years old and I want to move and settle somewhere within the U.S. for the rest of my life. Any suggestions?


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I'm Trying to avoid NYC, NJ, PA and California areas. I was thinking of a woodsy, isolated and peaceful place to settle down. The weather could have the summer heat or cool winter breeze but no snow, or deserts or beaches. Though I do like huge lakes and fields of grass. The community could be young, lively, spontaneous, diverse and eventful but at the same time have a local café or movie theater you can hang out in that's not in a mall. Or a diner you can go to after the bar closes. The economy should have a lot of work opportunities,  manageable cost of living for a 20 something year old (like: $100 - $1500 /month) and plenty of transportation options.

I prefer a medium sized friendly town where almost everyone knows each other - over a big city metropolis

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That would describe just about anywhere in West Virginia. The capital, Charleston, is not a huge city and travel 5 miles you're into one stop light towns. Weather here is OK, humid in summer, it does snow here, some years worse than others, but mainly in January and February.

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