Why do black guys like white girls? Do we look sweet and innocent?


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Boys like girls. Black and white have little to do with it. "Sweet and innocent" may be a bit optimistic, too. Is that intended to imply that it's the province of white girls and that black girls may NOT look sweet an innocent?

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They think white girls are easier to get a hold of which is probably true. Once they say I love you BOOM there in your pants, also the majority of white women aren't very loud and kinda obnoxious some guys just prefer someone who wont start fights and can talk normal and not ghetto. Now I'm not saying all black women are like that but a majority are its just what they grew up around. Plus friends like that will influence them.

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Is there an issue with this? I like white girls (actually women) too.

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When I saw this question a phrase popped into my mind:  "The White man's prize."

I heard it about 35 years ago but I couldn't reference it in context and the internet wasn't any particular help.

However, I can across a youtube video in my search that at least tangentially touched on the phrase and I am posting the link.

The language is definitely adult, so be aware.


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I wouldn't equal one race out.. I think all race of people should be equal all guys can like both white and black girls what makes difference..

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unfortunately not everyone thinks that way I wish it was that way trust me I'm like head over heels for a guy of the opposite race but clearly all he want is sex. I guess its different tho in different parts of the world and stuff tho.
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not all do... And second question: Not all do... LOL

some people just have unexplainable preferences.

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