What's one thing that you've never done, but always wanted to?


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Well, I don't know if this actually counts toward your question as such but the one thing I've always wanted to do is to be with a lady that truly loves me for me! Not for what I have or can do but simply love me as the person I am. I think I'm close to achieving that goal this late in my life.

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Come outta my car on red light, turn on the tape and dance my heart out! 

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Nice Girl
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I've never seen a hail...looking forward to see one....haha......it would be fun police after me lol
Lard Ass
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Yin And Yang
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You can do it my friend!!!! :0)
I got out of my car (pulled over though) when I saw a person dressed in a cow costume on the side of the road. I wanted to say I danced with a cow..... so I got out and danced my heart out with the stranger! LOL! We never spoke a word but we sure caught an audience! My kids were like "That's my mom!!!!" LOL!
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Where to start? In terms of travel, I really want to go to Italy, Canada, Denmark and Iceland. I also really want to see the Northern Lights and the Southern Lights, but I don't know where specifically I want to go to see them.

Other stuff I want to do includes: Having my fortune read, learning to play the drums, going roller skating, learning to read tarot cards, owning a Lancia Stratos and being happy.

BUT, I know you asked for one thing, so if I had to pick just one, I'd say that I really want to be happy.

Edit: I know your question says about the one thing you've never done before, so I just want to say that of course I've been happy before, but it seems like such a long time ago that I don't remember what it's like, so that's why it is one of my most important ambitions at the moment.

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I'd like to go ice skating.

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I always wanted to be a writer.... Get published somewhere some how. However a more simpler goal I have just announced to my husband I want to do sometime is go see the stars....... Those kinds of stars a city girl only hears about in movies and stories! I want to see the sky filled with millions and millions of little twinkling stars! :0)

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