If you could change one thing about the way your country was run, what would it be?


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Bestof Life answered

I used to be in politics.. Now just vicariously

You would NOT see my face for 2-3 years until the budget was balanced. And the $17T had a payoff plan. People would not like the answers, but we would have a plan.

In short NO personal agendas.

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Ray Dart answered

I'd go for proportional representation. Here in the UK we are governed by a party that got only 37% of the total votes cast (and only 34% of the potential votes). That means that almost twice as many people voted against them as for them. Yet, they claim a "popular mandate" for the policies they are about to impose on us. It's rubbish.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Restrain our military from getting involved in every fight that pops up in the world. We lose our men and women while others sit back and do nothing. It's time to let others step up to the plate!

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I would change it so that politicians and the like wouldn't look for "loop holes" in the Constitution.  They think that, if you can interpret it a certain way, then you can make a law that is clearly unconstitutional.  I would change that.  

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