Non-UK people... What is your impression of the UK? What would you expect life to be like here?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I've visited the U.K. Once a long time ago and it was mainly in London but it seemed like a busy kind of crowded place to me. Although the people were very polite and nice and the food good also. So much history before your eyes ! It looks like a busy place that is constantly moving. Piccadilly Circus looked to me like a drivers nightmare ! I think life there would be nice except the weather. On that, I'll pass.

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I've never been there, but dreary and rainy is what comes to mind when I think about the UK. Not sure how factual that is, it's just what I think about! As far as people....I'm sure you're just people! As is everyone! Always some nice and some not so nice in any part of the world!

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I've met many online friends from the UK but never been there. My great grandparents were from Scotland. I understand I've got relatives over there that could be cousins, to my late grandma and some could have had families that are related to me.

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For me UK......I say as I see in movies it's a very busy place( never visited) , people mind their own business, they don't care what he or she is doing!  It's like a world full of people who care for themselves and that is a good thing in one way! The country is good in ways and not that good in other! Just like every other country, it has its cons and pros!

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