What do you think of all these businesses taking everything "confederate" off their shelves and online?


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It's order of gov, They ordered the take down of the flag & removal of all the confederate marks off of products because of what happened in Charleston.  What i think is, nothing gonna change with removing confederate marks . If someone wants to do something horrible they'll do regardless of the flag is up or down. Confederate flag is part of history of Southern -U.S But no meaning of slavery,hate,racism, ect . . Because someone is motivated by symbols & has done something horrible, it doesn't mean the flag is the fault & it need to be gathered! The meaning of the flag is clear, but the meaning of that political decision is so blurred. My guess is they were waiting for an opportunity as an excuse to make it happen now they found their suit condition. The Charleston tragedy became their excuses to take down the confederate battle flag, And the business has no choice but to follow the orders.

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The confederate flag doesn't even represent racism. People don't even realize that it wasn't the only thing or the first thing that they were fighting for either. The only education these people get is what is posted on social media or Facebook.

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I'm sure many realize it. But there's a difference between representation and association. There's a stigma associated with people who embrace the confederate flag. Every time I visit my cousins in Kentucky who have a giant confederate flag in their garage, I basically witness all the stereotypes associated with people who do. Same with the surrounding area.
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Well a lot of people wear stuff like that on T-shirts just because they know its bad karma to do so. I just feel bad for people that are descendants of people who fought for the south and such a lot of people are viewing these individuals as racists but they are just honoring that they fought for their country.
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Yeah, people aren't attacking the confederate flag for those reasons. The existing negativity and stereotypes derive from daily dealings with people who embraces such symbols. See a guy in a pick-up truck with a confederate flag bumper sticker on it, what's the likelihood that he's okay with 2 guys kissing? That he believes in evolution? That he voted for Obama? That he's for gun control? Stuff like that.
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Disgraceful and shameful. It's bad enough that most of the nation clearly has no idea why the Civil War was fought but it's even worse when you count how many people jumped on the bandwagon. 

This anti-confederate wave we're going through right now is a clear and concise psychological attack against America. Whoever is co-ordinating this agenda is an expert: And I really doubt it's some civilian organization here domestically. By scrubbing the nation of it's history and cultural identity we quicken our downfall as a society. When we as a society feel we have to censor symbols because of feelings being hurt...that is surely the sign of a failing nation. 

History isn't meant to make you feel good, some of it is offensive, some of it didn't stand for good, but we take it and we learn from it. Removing the symbols doesn't negate the reasons the confederates fought - the same mistakes we're making today ironically.

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If that's what they choose to do, more power to them. But I don't think people should be required to remove anything. While some people obviously dislike the confederate flag, it is a part of American history, taking things off the shelf and removing flags doesn't change that fact.

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Knee jerk reaction over the actions because of an idiot. I've never owned or desired anything with the symbol, but I'm really not sure this is the correct response.

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I feel like it's too much. Now we can't identify "them" in our daily lives (actually... Yeah... We probably can) and it makes it really hard to figure out who's who. I was also hoping that the South would rise again and secede already. Now they got their whole identity taken away. It's terribly tragic. However I am a big fan of museums and can't wait for the ones that will open up due to this. The Holocaust Memorial was a good trip.

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