What Are Three Issues Faced By The Aging Population That You Believe To Be A Problem? Why Do You See These As Problems?


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Cheryle Masters answered
Loss of memory (mine started at age 47), illness/disease, inactive due to age, overweight, wrinkles and age spots.  I gave you double what you asked for because these are the things that concern me.  I am 56 and have health issues.
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Chris Newsome answered
Loss of energy, elasticity and attractiveness.  Loss of family, friends and the future.  Loss of life itself and its pursuits.  Loss of interests and hope.  Loss of loves and joys.  Trading the awesome beauty of creation for desolation and degeneration.  Loss of physical and psychological health, and 'well being'.  Loss of purpose and belonging!  Loss of interaction with loved ones, other people, and even things.  Loss of the 'known' and the desire and ability to learn.  Losing your senses and gaining your illnesses, depression and the isolating last moments just before non- existence!  PICK YOUR OWN THREE "ISSUES"!
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Wrinkles.. The water food air .. Needs to be at its highest quality witch it is not.. Even in rich areas, people rather spend money on useless things like art then what matters, air, water, food.. Taking care of ourselfs and helping eachother is what we need to do. Health should be # 1 on everyones list. Health is happiness, comfort is the opisite or pain, pain is being sick or injured, happiness is comfort, art does not bring comfort. Wrinkles can be prevented thru, quality air, water, food, and products like lotion, soap.. Also exercise.
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Loss of life and the aging process, loss of health and physical attraction, and the loss of senses and sexual enhancement

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