If you could donate $25k to any charity/organization, which one would you choose?


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Ray Dart answered

Ray Dart's retirement fund.

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Sheldon Cooper answered

Forgotten cats ,

SPCA , wounded warriors.

Either would be great

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Sheldon  Cooper
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Sheldon  Cooper
Sheldon Cooper commented
Nor would I - obviously, ray
Doesn't have a pet to get close to .... I have 3 cats , each
Hold a place in my heart, and give their love back to me in a way nothing else can ,
And your right, when I'm sick
Or in pain , they know , and try
To help make it better. And do.
Sheldon  Cooper
Sheldon Cooper commented
Two of three were adopted
River monster, ( now raven )
He was rescued from a river
But I changed his name
He's all black)
And her also is all black .
My yellow tab I got from my former boss as a kitten ,
Gf named him Pepsi,
Can't imagine life without either of them .
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Lil Princess answered

St. Jude Hospital. I donate each month.

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Charles Davis answered

At this point in my life, I'm not sure who I would give it to, but I know who I wouldn't. The ASPCA, and groups like PITA, they seem to do a lot of good in areas, but they have become nearly anti-human.

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Charles Davis
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In Wisconsin, they set up a guy that raised dogs, a couple from Asia, (looked Korean or Vietnamese) to get him to butcher a dog for them, they then nailed him for cruelty to animals . The ASPCA had to house all his dogs for months because it went to court, dang near broke the group and the guy won the case and got his dogs back. It may sound bad to us, but eating dog is part of their culture. That was my turning point on "animal" rights groups
Medic Sixonefour
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The LOCAL ASPCA may still be good, but the national chapter just uses the locals for fundraising to pad their pockets.
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Unfortunately, from what I'm hearing many of the top charities are becoming bad, meaning they're using the majority of donated money for their own purposes, so very little get to the actual cause and this includes the Red Cross recently - so it's really hard to tell who to donate to anymore without worry. Wounded Warriors, Ray Dart Foundation are good ones - but the latter may be a little shady. LOL

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Arthur Wright
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That picture for RDF is really shady but hears he is an awful nice guy though
Medic Sixonefour
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Soul Fly answered

St. Vincent DePaul.

They help feed and cloth the homeless

Feed poverty struck families

Organize charity events for children and families

Furnish and restructure homes for the poor.

I volunteer there sometimes and I can see where the money goes and how it makes a difference. Btw they are nation wide.

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Soul Fly
Soul Fly commented
Because all of the money they raise if from the community, even though they have a catholic saint as the name of the organization they are not affiliated with the church.
Soul Fly
Soul Fly commented
Excuse me, allow me to correct myself, they do have catholic partners but it is not run by the church.
Charles Davis
Charles Davis commented
From the Wiki:
"The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic voluntary organization dedicated to the sanctification of its members through serving the poor and disadvantaged. Such service has been historically provided by the "home visit".
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Back when I worked for a division of Merck, I received a bonus every other year, and donated all of it to 5 charities:  The Lupus Foundation, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, The Heuga Institute, Doctors w/o Borders.  These days you really need to investigate the charity before donating.





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Geoff Hughes answered

That's a pretty good question! I personally would donate the funds to the One Drop foundation.  It's an initiative of Cirque du Soleil  founder Guy Laliberte, the foundation's mission is to fight poverty worldwide by supporting access to water and raising individual and community awareness of the need to mobilize so that safe water is accessible to everyone.

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