I think I might have an interest for being in the government, how do you start? Do you have to go to college?


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A good college education is a must for any aspiring politician of the future. You'll need the education and credentials to show people that you are qualified. Although I do wonder about where some of our politicians got theirs. Mail order?

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You should go to college, but you don't have to. 2 of our presidents didn't go to college.you can become a delegate at just age 18!  I suggest you start by joining legislature req. Age 21

Then congress req. Age 25

Then run for governor or senator req. Age 30

President and vp req. Age 35(you must be chosen by pres. to be running mate for vp)

Military experience helps. 

You have to have an opinion on all of the problems and of course a center piece for your campaign.

Other good skills a speechmaking, and decision making, being a businessman or lawyer may help.

you have to run for all positions but delegate and legislature may not be as hard as the other ones.

Just look up anything in this you don't understand and then you can start researching. And other gov agencies include CIA , FBI, DOE, and DOD.

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You won't get far without it. It's a hard slog but no party will offer preselection to an uneducated candidate.

If you prefer a short cut you could always try your old Uncle Didge's course in Applied Bulldust. We offer political majors in Obfuscation and Bloviation or, for the medically inclined, Spin Doctoring .

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First you should have the ability of leading somebody. Then you should have this courage. Last ,you should have enough reputation, Do you have this?

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Yes you need college. Most preferably a GOOD college, where you can network with people and make the best connections. No-name middle of nowhere university isn't going to cut it, unless you're content with a small local office running a small town in the middle of nowhere where you only need to remind the local how much "Obama Sucks" to get re-elected.

Good networking and having the connections gets you far. You need powerful people to support you. And in order to get the best connections you have to (You guessed it) go to a good college where only the above average or brightest people get accepted. Doesn't have to be Ivy League but top 100 will do. Probably one of the top 15 for the major of your choice. Most politicians study law, political science, or economics.

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