Why is all the radiation gone from Nagasaki and Hiroshima but not Chernobyl? I know Chernobyl was more recent but I've heard Nagasaki and Hiroshima's radiation was cleaned up fairly quickly.


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The difference is that the Chernobyl number 4 reactor core carried far more nuclear fuel that was used more efficiently than the fuel in the bombs. The reactor also exploded at ground level as opposed to Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the bombs were detonated over 1,000 ft. above the cities (2,000 ft. above Hiroshima and 1,650 ft. above Nagasaki). Best of luck to you.

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So true. I try to learn at least one new thing a day and i usually do that on here (:
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And of course, the general incompetence of the USSR authorities which meant the "radioactive dirt" streamed from the wrecked reactor for many days longer than it should have.
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I knew about their incompetence, but I didn't know that the leakage lasted that long. Thanks!
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Here's a thing.  Restrictions on the sale and movement of sheep in North Wales, UK were only lifted in 2012, twenty six years after the disaster.

North Wales is over 1500 miles from Chernobyl.

It's hard enough making a living as a hill farmer in the principality anyway. All farmers could do was raise sheep for slaughter and destruction, for the measly government compensation, nothing else can be farmed there (apart from a few game birds).

People died as a consequence of Chernobyl's technical inadequacies, and I guess that is why so little fuss was made over whole bunch of sheep.

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