Is it true that after the Running of the Bulls in Spain, they kill all of the Bulls that evening?


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Yes sad to say it's true. It is also said that the bulls are kept in total darkness before being released to have them blinded by the light upon release. They are also stabbed repeatedly as they run through the streets. Very barbaric. They say it's a "tourist" tradition only now. It is very cruel and disgusting and needs to end!!

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Tinkerbell St. Basil
I am truly embarrassed about my ignorance in this matter. I had no idea they had they were killed at the end.
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I always had an idea that they were killed in the end i just didn't know what they went through before they were killed. It truly is a sad, sad thing...
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It is truly sad indeed. Ernest Hemingway wrote in Death in the Afternoon: "I suppose, from a modern moral point of view, that is a Christian point of view, the whole bullfight is indefensible; there is certainly much cruelty, there is always danger, either sought or unlooked for, and there is always death."

The killing of bulls is an outrage against God's divine principles as brought out in these scriptures; Deuteronomy 25:4 and Proverbs 12:10. And as an animal lover, I too, will be glad when under the rule of Christ Jesus, all animals will be safe from harm on this beautiful planet that God has given to mankind.

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Tinkerbell St. Basil
Thank you for sharing that. I couldn't agree more!
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Perfect selection of scripture!

“You must not muzzle a bull when it is threshing out grain."- Deuteronomy 25:4

"The righteous one takes care of his domestic animals, But even the mercy of the wicked is cruel."- Proverbs 12:10.
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AnnNettie's reply inspired me to note what Jehovah promises, concerning the world that He, Himself, is about to create:

"Praise Jehovah from the earth, You great sea creatures and all deep waters...You wild animals and all you domestic animals, You creeping things and winged birds."- Psalms 148:7,10

"The wild beast of the field will honor me,The jackals and the ostriches, For I provide water in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert."- Isaiah 43:20

Jehovah desires to satisfy the righteous desire of every living thing, and will not permit brutality to enslave His creation!

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