What is something we believe today that would have sounded crazy 20 years ago?


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Ancient Hippy answered

That I wouldn't think of leaving home without that gizmo called a cell phone.

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Didge Doo answered

String theory (most of us had never heard of it).

Pluto deprived of its planet status and downgraded to "dwarf planet".

The rise and rise of Google.


US voters elected the country's first black president. (Will they now elect it's first woman?)

Tinkerbell St. Basil Profile

1. The United States of America got its first black president

2. Bruce Jenner became a woman

3. That the United States Supreme Court allowed same-sex marriages

4. Reality TV shows outnumber regular TV shows

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Chandler Howard answered

Carrots improve eyesight


Global warming

The internet would be possible

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Deston Elite answered

It's wrong to physically discipline your children.

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That we have to worry about Islamic terrorists flying planes into buildings. That we can not trust the govt to be honest with us (Benghazi started because of a lame youtube video, and burning jet fuel can melt steel.... yah right...)

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