What's the biggest misconception that people have about you?


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Didge Doo answered

I'm pretty open but a few people have made the mistake of thinking I'm easy going. Most of the time they're right but when push comes to shove I'm a pretty good shover.

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Woof Woofy answered

Back in high school everyone thought I was just a quiet goody goody lol.. But outside of school I've done some pretty stupid things that could have gotten me arrested (I nearly did a few times lol. Example - I decided to build a big bonfire at the park one night.  2 firetrucks and 4 cop cars pulled up with their sirens on, I booked it lol) xD plus, i was loud and spontaneous at times xD  ( I had another side to me that none of my classmates saw, only a few closer friends)

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Just because I'm 6 foot 5 inches and weigh 240lb doesn't mean that I play football!! Or any other sport for that matter, Lol. Best of luck to you.

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Cookie Roma answered

I've been told that I can be intimidating.  I gotta say I don't get it.  I'm a 5'2" tall, 62 year old woman who could beat my way out of a paper bag.

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PJ Stein
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My mother is the same height and has more than 10 years on you, all her grandkids have no doubt if they deserve it Grandma will smack them. I don't think she has ever hit any of them EVER.
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Matt Radiance answered

Some people find this misconception that they can buy me about something that I disagree with or don't wanna do. They believe everyone in any level has a price. It  takes some time till they realize I'm out of price lists & I won't sell my principles.

As a man, I'm not so tall. I don't like it tho, but the good thing is I have nothing less in my manly strength, but sometimes some people misconception that & they force me to make them regret it!

I have a fun & serious attitude both, but each one of them appears into me in a appropriate place as I feel it, but in general my main attitude is serious,specially when it comes to doing something that I feel responsibility for. Sometimes by that seriousness people consider me that I'm kind of unfriendly or such too serious person which it's opposite, iIm actually friendly & enjoy meeting new people! & when the right time comes  I can be too funny as well!

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

That I'm just a big loveable teddy bear

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I'm a big guy and I typically don't smile. Some people think I remind them of Carl from Slingblade and assume I'm unapproachable and mean. That couldn't be farther from the truth though!

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PJ Stein answered

People who know me for any length of time usually know who I am. Some people who first meet me seem to think because I have blonde hair and am well endowed that I am stupid. I have learned to have a lot of fun playing with those people. (Eye brow wiggle)

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Ancient One answered

Unfortunately it seems, to me, it is becoming more and more prevalent among the young (those who are not ancient) the assumption that once a person reaches a certain age or has grey hair they are useless and should automatically be put out to pasture. I know far too many folks whose knowledge and experience are wasted because of false assumptions and misconceptions.

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