How can Americans dislike immigrants when most all people in this country are descended of immigrants? How does that make any sense?


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It's because a lot of immigrants just use us Americans to stay in the country. It's somewhat common for say, a European, to come over to America and get married to an American, then divorce the American and usually pay them "thanking" them for getting them into the country and it's wrong to do that

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Its not that Americans hate Immigrants but when we are being forced to accept so many of them illegally here  and a lot are terrorists and gang members, at a time when we have so many Americans out of work thanks to the same very person who is allowing the Immigrants in and down our throats.  

We need to control the flow of Immigrants into the US or it'll overload a economic system that can't hold anymore people.  Now these Immigrants need to file for legal entry into the US like most but definitely not like we are seeing, all thanks to our current POTUS

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DDX Obama will set up a situation that allows him to declare Martial Law and America doesn't need to see it but it can shut down next years Presidential elections completely and then by Constitutional Law, Obama remains POTUS til next election but he can declare Martial Law the day before elections next November and the US will be royally screwed. Under Martial Law everything changes. So that year and 4 months Obama has left by law, is way too much time for the New World Order to come up with a reason for him so get ready as something will happen
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Oh boy, hopefully you're still around by then. Unless Obama's secret police locked you up somewhere for knowing too much (I reckon they won't)

I wonder where you get all these information. I need to tune into Alex Jones and Glenn Beck more often.
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Really wish I could tell everyone what I know and how I know it but my 10 yr old Grandson is at stake here as DC goes after ones weakest link but cant here but I don't watch TV or any of these talk show hosts so take my info for what it is
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I don't think the consensus is to dislike all immigrants...What I do think is the problem is when certain immigrants come they want to not just intigrate everything about their homeland (that they chose to leave behind) into the already established system, but to dominate it. There in lies the problem.  

At one time Americans were the majority of American residents .. Who upheld their American 'way' ... Now, they seem to not be 'the majority' but a minority and are losing their voice, as it is now drowned out with all the 'other' voices. Everyone is yelling .. No one is listening.

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Giving the illegal immigrants a pass is an insult to all the immigrants who followed the rules. Giving them a free college education is an insult to anyone working two jobs to pay for tuition or student loans.

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What makes you think it's only Americans? We have our share of racists and bigots in Australia.

One of our sporting icons, one of the greatest female swimmers ever to win Olynpic, was outraged last week by the behaviour of two young Australian tennis players. She said, publicly, "Why don't you go back to the country your fathers came from."

When her racism received much publicity she apologised, but it was clear that she, and many people like her, want Australia to return to the type of population that existed when HER ancestors arrived.

Don't be too hard on the Americans. In this respect they're no different from anybody else.

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Americans don't hate immigrants. United States built by immigration & it's one of countries principles & everybody accepted it. U.S.A gives opportunity to anyone who has potential, that's how the country progressed For example right now NASA members come from different countries not being just American. Someone who can represent something  they can't ignite in their current place, U.S will give them the place to show themselves & when they prove their work they will count as an American, it's simple. 

So the problem with immigrant comes when they are illegal. Sometimes people enter the country without completely passing the process. I have problem with that too, the legal acceptance of immigrants is fine, but the illegal ones, when they don't get controlled very well - you can't let someone in United States, when they can't even speak English well, they don't know anything about American lifestyles, culture,history & environment of each state ect . . .so that one is bad.

Maybe not the right place but i just wanted to add i really hate when Americans get against immigrants with the claim "There's Americans who don't have jobs, then immigrants come here & start working" beside americans who has special circumstances .. Other Americans have the right to stay unemployed when you living in such a great country & land of opportunity & all you do is complaining. Some Americans learn as fast as they born, they start saying "omg economy is down" . . & say "sigh" we are middle class folks . . We are just middle class . . .while in so many countries in middle east or even some part of Europe ( i won't name)  their rich level of society level up with American middle class.

Some Americans never would get it in what kind of gift they are born with. Real opportunity & freedom is there & some sound spoiled, they can't even imagine living a world where you work from 4 am till 10 pm & yet you might only be able to pay bills or very little house shopping .. No personal shop or much saving . .

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I love immigrants. Especially those educated ones who work real hard. They set themselves up in this country real well. Raise their kids to appreciate education and do well in academics. Who in turn get good jobs, pay taxes, and contribute to America along with with the progress of humankind. Meanwhile their white rural young adult counterparts ... No college, smoke weed every day, work manual labor in industries where as soon it leaves the region, the whole area falls apart into deprived ghost town.

Those non-educated ones who work real hard are great too. 12 hours a day in the hot son laying bricks, picking fruits, milking cows, washing mushrooms, packing meat, etc..etc.  I know a fried who advertised $15/hr picking fruit in front of unemployment offices and social aid offices. No takers.

I just don't like gangs. We should put them on an island or something and hope they turn out like Australia.

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I have personally avoided this frustrating subject for many, many years. The arguments, in general never change. If anyone, it is the Native American  who should be hating immigrants. Yes the US was built by immigrants. They were people seeking freedom from oppression, freedom to worship freely. They were seeking a new free life. 

There are many today seeking the same goals but far too many are seeking to milk the country of its riches and find an easy way of life that does not include work or sacrifice. I have personally witnessed whole industries set up in third world countries who for a fee, will educate and facilitate the entry into the US of those wishing to take advantage of our social services and benefits. Now those are the ones I oppose.

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I am not against immigration. 

I am against illegal immigration.

If you want a fairly clear case of some issues involved, look into Austrailian immigration laws.

Since it is isolated all around by water, immigration by walking is not a concern.  (And if someone does come by walking on water, I suspect you would not be able to stop him anyway.)

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Immigration years ago in the US is not the same as it is
today. Over the last 80 years the US became a welfare state; before that, you
don’t work, you starve. Today, immigrants don’t need to work, they simply go on
the dole if they can’t find a job, or why work at all, when you can get free money
from the government. 

That free money is coming from the taxes of
those who work. So if you have a job, work hard and pay your taxes.

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