Is showing compassion becoming a competitive sport? Considering all the hub bub our beloved Cecil is getting, it seems that more and more questions are asked about other causes that are worthy of media attention .. anything from suicidal war veterans and abortions to starvation and poverty in comparison .. Like some people can't understand why Cecil and the entire issue of senseless game hunting is getting all this attention and not their 'pet' cause. It's like it's a competition as to which deserves attention.  Don't they get it?  They ALL deserve attention and awareness! Period.


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Americans don't care that millions of humans are dying to war, disease, and famine in Africa ... But kill one old lion, and everybody is in an uproar.

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As to the #blacklivesmatter ... that is just more divisiveness, in the form of allegedly helping. By focusing on the color of skin, you perpetuate the view that people SHOULD be judge by the color of their skin.
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The point they are missing is .. this is not just about a 'old lion' .. it's FAR bigger than that. It's global awareness of an issue that is simply just not 'ok' .. Something positive is arising out of this episode .. yet, some still feel the need to suck the life out of hope for all the good this has accomplished. THAT is just sad. In no way shape or form does it minimalize other issues that we face in our global society .. We KNOW humans are suffering .. Should we cause an uproar to stop corruption in other countries .. krikey .. we can't even do that HERE! We all need to make noise about it .. I have been for the better part of my life. Problem is our voice is minimalized by those who rather balk and complain than actually do anything proactive.
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I am not disagreeing that human issues need attention.. of course they do .. That's why it's important to speak up .. and speak out .. and make YOUR voice known about the injustice of the world .. Trying to put a damper on other worldly issues that IS actually experiencing some level of resolve is NOT going to make the others shine. That's just not how it works.

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