What should I get for my birthday? I'm not very girly, so I don't want stuff like makeup, clothes, iPhone etc. Please give me some ideas. Thanks! <3


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Get yourself a dirt bike ! Get a smaller one till you learn to ride it well. I see lots of females riding them now and having a blast ! Something different and also lot's of fun !

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Rooster Cogburn
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I have a pile of pictures of me when I was younger and was always out riding ! I sure do miss it !
dragonfly forty-six
Great answer. I learned how to ride on a CR 125. So empowering to ride with the big boys, and to watch their jaws drop when I'd take off my helmet and they realized I was a girl!!! Fabulous memories.
Rooster Cogburn
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I thought it was great ! I ran an Enduro one time and it was one third females and that was 15 years ago ! I have piles of pictures and movies !
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How about tickets to an upcoming band you'd like to see? Or new CDs

Maybe get something you know you've wanted for a long time.

Hope you have a great Birthday! :)

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A Mercedes convertable

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Yeah go for the dirt bike . Only if you want oh and happy birthday. May your day be magical!

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