Any 13 year old birthday party ideas? I am a horse rider and wanted to give friends a lesson but my twin sister won't get on a horse agin (she fell off twice). I don't want to ruin the party for her.


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Ok so I don't have a twin, but when I think back to when I was 13 (takes a while to load memories that far back these days), my main party memories are all about laughing and having fun with friends. I can't specifically remember "what" we did - but I remember being around friends and having a great time.

So my suggestion would be to focus on making sure the right people attend: All the people that you have a great time with. The rest usually falls into place after that.

If you're looking for a "theme", then I'd pick something that you know you, your sister and your friends enjoy/have in common.

It's a shame the horse riding thing won't be possible, I kind of like the idea of that... But is there anything else you guys all enjoy doing?

A type of music? Dancing? Movie?

If there's a movie you guys all like, you could ask everyone to dress up as a character, and you could watch the movie together or have it playing in the background, with popcorn and other movie-related stuff going on.

Or a fancy dress theme could be interesting if you think people will take part in it.

Or how about a pool party? Tricky to organize if you don't have a pool, but they can be very fun!

The options are endless, I think it really comes down to what you guys all enjoy doing.

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Last year, when I turned 13, I just had a couple of my closest friends over for the night and I got them to bring a bag of lollies or chocolates and we spent the night watching Netflix and eating chocolate and lollies before going to bed and playing 'truth or dare' until 2 in the morning. That's what I've done since I was 10.

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