Why is it we are going to a politically correct society? It makes me sick. People complaining about statues and flags, we have bigger problems it seems!


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I, for one, am sick and tired of the politically correct mentality of the world.

Punch a bully in the mouth.
No kid, you don't get a trophy for losing.
Sorry, only one graduation ceremony. High school only.
You're not all smart.
You're a garbage man, not a trash technician.
The truth hurts, live with it.

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I was watching the news when I heard John F. Kennedy (a democrat) say "ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country."  Back then it was all about everyone as one country. Now it seems it's much more of an attitude that it's "all about me." 

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Yeah ! I liked the Dukes of hazard!

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Political correctness has taken good manners to a whole new level of absurdity. If people would just learn to treat each other with decency and respect there would not be someone crying out about intolerance.

As for flags, I personally thing the only flag in the US that should be flying is the US flag. If some government wants to fly the Confederate flag as part of their heritage and history, they need to fly the others that were flown over them as well. In Florida they passed a law years ago stating if any government whether local, county, or state, were to fly the Confederate flag, they had to fly the British and the Spanish flag as well. AND the Confederate flag has to be the actual Confederate flag, not the battle flag. Our history is what it is, and to try to erase part of it because it offends someone does injustice to those who fought on both sides,

I also agree with everything Ancient Hippy said. We are bringing up a generation of whiny, entitled brats who think they are all special. Yes each child is special, but not to the point that they deserve to be coddled every step f their life. That does nothing but ensure they will fail in life. Guess what? Everyone has failures and to tell kids it wasn't their fault is doing them a disservice. We need to be teaching that is ok to fail as long they did their best. They need to own up to their failures and learn from them. It is what makes them strong and productive. It gives them the ability to think for themselves and eventually to provide for themselves.

And while I am on a rant, another thing I can't understand is not shaming a child. Granted you should never shame a child for something that is out of their control, such as appearance or ability, we should shame them when they act shamefully. If a child steals, you need to make them feel shame for that. If they bully someone, again, some shame and humility will do them good. Coddling and blaming their circumstances is again doing them a disservice. They are responsible for their own actions and if they aren't taught to feel shame, they will feel justified. And that is not what I want in the world I live in. (steps off soapbox)

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