What's the difference between racism and anti-multiculturalism?


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I think you meant Anti-Racism and multiculturalism. If so, here's what I found...

Multiculturalism education stresses the promotion of understanding, respect, and acceptance of cultural diversity within our society.

Anti-racism education promotes the elimination of racism through identifying and changing institutional policies and practices as well as identifying individual attitudes and behaviours that contribute to racism.

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N. Harmonik
N. Harmonik commented
So there's actually no difference between racism and anti-multiculturalism?
Chewed Bubblegum
Chewed Bubblegum commented
I don't really know...sure?
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
The difference is simple ...

People of the same culture can be of different ethnicities.

So you can be multicultural, while still being "racist".

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