Is your country becoming foreign with the influx of immigration? (Our hospitals, doctors surgeries are under pressure. Immigrants get free housing and money. 48% of London are British born. Is the world destined to become communist?


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Immigration doesn't have anything to do with Communism.  Most immigrants are eager to earn money and are more likely to open small businesses.

In the U.S., there has always been a huge amount of immigration and kids turn American quickly, sometimes to the dismay of their parents.  I've been watching "The Great British Baking Challenge" on TV and some of the contestants are clearly immigrants and yet they are enthusiastically making trifles, fairy cakes, etc. (We don't have fairy cakes in the U.S. And I totally want to eat one.)

I totally understand your concern about the strain on resources, etc.  The U.S. Is a much bigger country than the U.K.

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Still it isn't the immigrants fault, free homes and money whom can blame them? It is the governments. Ours and theirs.
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Well maybe it isn't affecting your country like it is ours. We already have mass unemployment, and struggling to live in thr bread line, refugees and immigrants are coming here claiming benefit and being giving council homes, and money. We didn't want to join the Europe. We didn't get a vote on who comes in. Look at the size of our country. Just wondered if any other countries were feeling the strain. Go online it isn't just my opinion, and some of your countrymen feel the same.
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We work our butts off and our taxes are now supporting more people who have no intention of working.
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Having a lot of immigrants has nothing to do with Communism. Although the USA is made up of nearly all immigrants, there is a lot of racial and social prejudice towards immigrants, especially Muslim and Mexicans. That is not saying it's the majority, but it is still a large number. We just had a discussion on another site about a Muslim president, it gathered over 100 comments and showed many with extreme prejudice, although they deny it even though it is evidenced.

Cultural diversity is in my opinion a great thing, new foods, new parties, and new things to learn.

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K. B.  Baldwin
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Muslims and Mexicans. Used to be the Irish and the Italians. Especially since the majority of Italians coming to the US were (gasp) Catholic. We didn't like the poles, and positively hated the Chinese. And looking back, it appears to us as a bunch of racist, xenophobic idiocy.
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Our supermarkets are definitely providing a wider range of foods for different cultures. I was going to try bread without yeast the other day, made in Germany, but it felt like a brick. I'm certainly noticing more foreign accents and like you, longer waiting times. Not sure how I feel about it all as of yet, seeing them in those camps, I don't blame them, if I was in a situation where my family would be better off I'd do the same. Didn't we initially refuse to go into Syria? Now Cameron is welcoming so many in, I think Germany is taking quite a few. Immigration is the number one concern for British citizens. 

As it's been touched on, I get peeved about Brits being on benefits when their is nothing wrong with them, or getting pregnant at an earlier age because their aim is to get council accommodation. My once thriving town has become pretty grotty,  I won't miss it when I move because the community that it once was is history.

I know some immigrants are promised work and good wages, they get here and it is all a lie. They end up many in one tiny house with sparse work and no passports as they are taken fom them. Many immigrants get here and realise it is not the dream they thought, others gain work or benefits and send it home to families. Oh,  I know swans have gone missing off the local lakes and the feathers found plucked off, I believe they are meant to be protected, and there has also been illegal fishing in the lakes. Things are happening that have not been seen of in my town before. Also have immigrants in the local parks drinking with the alcoholics. We'll have to see.

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