How do you feel about the Iran nuclear deal?


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DDX Project answered

I find it hilarious how many people think they know more about nuclear energy than an actual nuclear physicist.

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I don't know why the US would even consider entering into a deal with a country who's leaders chant "death to America".  It's a simple as that.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

I disagree with it ... But not for the same reasons most people do.

I disagree with it, because I believe in the Right to defend yourself - whether you are an individual or a nation.  Unfortunately, the only way to defend a nation against attack by a nuclear power - is to BE a nuclear power.  Or, at least, have SOME weapons of mass destruction.

People say the Ayatollah and radical Muslim leaders wouldn't care about MAD.  If they had "the bomb", they would use it.  But I highly doubt that.  If they didn't care about their own deaths, they would be leading suicide bombings - not sending others to do it.  And they wouldn't surround themselves with bodyguards and security measures.  They obviously care about their own mortality as much as any other leader.

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K. B. Baldwin answered

I think it is the best we are going to get out of a bad situation.  The loonies who think we could stop them are the same bunch of idiots who assured us the war in Iraq would last 6 months tops.  Think about it.  We bombed the living crap out of Nazi Germany and yet they came very close to getting the bomb first (and would have had it not been for their hatred of Jews), and were able to field some of the most advanced aircraft on the planet.  While having millions of tons of bombs dropped on them.  And with boots on the ground as well.  Anyone who thinks Iran would be an easier task than Nazi Germany should be put into a rubber room and left there. 

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