What would you say has caused people to be so impatient like in college classes, at the grocery store, Waiting for stuff to come in the mail( even if its only been a day or 2), I blame cell phones what about you?


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Could you hurry up and get to the point

American people have gotten too used to instant gratification

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Personally, I'm only impatient when it comes to putting up with BS, idiocy, and incompetence ... And I find that's common to older adults.

That's why we have no patience for politics or (most) youth.


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I am sure their are many things that contribute to people being impatient, one reason is what I have read is in the bible is that this is a quality of God and when a person has his spirit they will excercise patience,kindness and goodness.  Galatians 5:22,23

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