Is it sad that it takes an Englishman (John Oliver) to help Americans realize the REAL problems in our own country?


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If he wasnt leaning so far left i would.listen to him

Dont get me wrong i dont care for the far right.

The problem in this country is people let fox or msnbc do their thinking for them

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I couldn't afford college. Many of the people I work with couldn't. Neither are any of the kids I'm hiring. That signing bonus is probably all going to college loans. I've been at both ends of the spectrum so yes I do have an idea of the differences between the haves and have nots. Everyone ends up where they are due to the choices they make. Especially if they're an American citizen that's been here for countless generations. Its not like they're a Syrian refugee. Those people are the ones without choices. Look at our Vietnamese refugees. Mostly well educated with high salaries. Because if you knew any, you'd witness their work ethic and the true meaning of working hard.
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Yup academics isn't for everybody. There's business incubators everywhere. I offer my time at the same one that provided assistance for my very first side business that costed me ZERO of my personal money. There's trade schools for numerous jobs like metal-working and electrician work. We're always in need of truck drivers too! My little boy in middle-school makes android apps with the neighborhood kids. He also rakes in doing SEO and affiliate marketing work that anyone could do. Heck, you can make money playing video games these days by just uploading it to YouTube. Or record yourself doing your hobby liking cooking or working on cars. Write a blog about it with advertisements! There are tons of opportunities. NOT taking opportunities to become better and settling for a minimum wage job IS being lazy.

They shouldn't live in poverty for the rest of their life. The thing is losers can't be choosers. People CHOSE to be in the position they're in. They CHOSE whether or not to take risk. And everyday they CHOSE to not doing something different. My first risk was a 100K debt. Meaning I was poorer than those people working minimum wage by at least 100k. You think all was fine and dandy in college? Heck no. I struggled. I cried. I slept in lecture hall working on projects. To think there's thousands more struggling worse than I did. Some who didn't speak English as their first language.

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t's pretty stupid to think scanning items at a checkout lane EXTRA HARD is going to take you anywhere. Give me a break.
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Is it sad that it takes an Englishman (King George) to help Americans realize the REAL problems in our own country?


Except for partisans who have been blindly following the "2 Party System" … Americans have know of the problems for decades.  And that our government wasn't doing squat to solve them.  Why do you think 1/3 of eligible voters haven't voted, consistently, for so long?

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