It's most likely my Final Halloween to be a kid so I'm going as the joker ( heath ledger) but I also wanna merge some assassins creed in I shall show a picture of my idea for my costume. Will you think it's to much?


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I saw your picture, that's cool :) If you say it's your last Halloween to be a kid then no, it shouldn't be too much. Go out in style, make it special. Ya' know? ;3

If you meant too much as in money.. Hm... Are you making the costume yourself?

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DDX Project answered

Wear Ezio's white costume with joker make-up.

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Cory Earnest answered

Why mix the two costumes? I think the Joker theme is a bit played out, I'd go as Ezio Auditore da Firenze instead.

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RIK RZ answered

Just add a Hood and dual hidden blades. It would look great.

Take it from the Assassin's Creed Expert (me)

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I am absolutely floored at how I miss being a "kid" already. Thought this would come way  down the road.

Im about 5 shamrocks late to sleep at the moment!

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