How to cope with a loss?


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Didge Doo answered

That depends on what you mean by loss. It would be tempting to answer in terms of loss of a loved one but your question could mean anything. What sort of a loss?

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John Doe answered

loss of what? Usually, time helps soothe loss and that's truly the only thing that helps. Keep yourself busy, cry when you need to, talk to someone, all these will "help" but, time will help most.

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Cookie Hill answered

We all need comfort and hope, when we loose a love one in death. Here is the comfort that I receive from the bible, at John 5:25,28,29.  "Most truly I say to you,the hour is coming,and it is now,when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God,and those who have paid attention will live". "All those in the memorial tombs will here (Jesus) voice and come out."  Knowing that God is going to bring back to life and unite us with our love ones is a great source of comfort.

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