What Is The Difference Between Superclass And Sub Class?


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Super class basically refers to a high level class, which kind of passes some kind of attribute and even procedures. This is usually followed down to the hierarchy to subclasses. Most of the time abstract super classes are referred to as master structures and also most of the time no objects are created for it. Tangible super classes are used to produce objects.

On the other hand a sub class is that which inherits different kind of specifications and also behaviours. This could also include methods, procedures and variables from any other class.

In the usual language of everyday living super class refers to people of the white collar and sub class refers to middle class living individuals.
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The terms Super Class and Sub Class comes from the OOPS property named INHERITANCE.
IF you want to reuse the code of one class then your new class should "extend" the Older One.So that you will have all the code present in the Older class in the new One.
The Older class is called the Parent/SuperClass
The newer one is called the Child/SubClass.

Note that we can add new code other than the code inherited in the new or SubClass.
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Super class is the class that is inherited and sub class is the class that does not inheriting

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