In a video game if you had to choose between Allies and Axis What would you choose? I would choose Axis because i already lived the allies once


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As I used to play that game years back, I always have a thing for the underdog and to try and change history. I still play the Axis forces in many games I play now. But I always go back to the Allies in time. Same way with Civil War games. Always try to see if I can change history as we know it. I fought on the Allied side in Vietnam but video games are a whole lot different from the real thing !

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I see
I wish i never have to go to war
unlike my idiot classmates who believe it would be fun and not realize the prospect of death and pain
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On the board game "Axis & Allies" ... I usually play the Axis.  Just because everybody else wants to play the "good guys".  > Though I usually win, or force a draw.  So I'm not complaining.  Lol

I don't really play FPS video games.  But in RPG games, sometimes my character has motives that would be "bad" in terms of game lore.  Which often leaves me unsatisfied with the game ending, because they assume you had "good" motives.

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No one is good in war
The Axis believed that allies were evil,and allies thought axis were evil
Walt O'Reagun
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I politely disagree.

Though the concept of "good" and "bad" are artificial constructs of the human race ... so is war. So with that being said:

Some wars, such as WW1, obviously have no "good" or "bad" side. It was a clusterfrack, all the way around, and should never have happened.

Others, such as WW2, just as obviously have a "good" and "bad" side when viewed in the artificial morals of humanity. It is generally bad to rob people. Thus, by extension, invading a country just in order to expand your nation's borders is "bad".
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No I meant no one is good in the video game called war

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