Does this generation have it way too easy ? A/c on school buses , computers cell phones people on Blurtit answering their math questions?


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With each new generation, some things become easier, while other or a new set of problems crop up. Physically speaking, sure they have it easier. Vacuums can clean all on their own. Lawn mowers are self propelled. Just about everyone has a dishwasher. Kids chores are nothing compared to what we used to do. Plus they don't have to spend afterschool time and Saturdays at the library to do a term paper. They can pull up all the info they need on their computer. With that said they are becoming obese from lack physical activity. Since they are not meeting friends to do said research and are relying on electronic means to interact with each other they are losing their social skills and becoming very insecure. I will take growing up when I did to what kids are doing know, We had more fun!

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It is clear that your point is highly about schooling.

-Creating more comfortable environment for students

-Available network sources for students for the researches

-Global connection between people which helps to the transmission of the information.

So yes! What you naming is only about "Technology" & in particular completely you pointing at a "School life" which in that aspect we can say, yes this generation having a better time than decades ago but you don't wanna say it's bad right! ? This is progress of humanity, that's how we should go forward. I would do anything i can to also make sure the next generations of humanity lives a better life with a high quality of comfort & progress.

However, these technologies has it's own cons & pros as well.

But the other point is these "Easy going" spirit is not  for "this" generation only. (saying in general)

-An old farmer doesn't have to use the old ways of agriculture & by the circumstances of the age doing his works easier thanks to the electronic tractors & all the computerized assets related to agriculture today.

-Don't the previous generation use AC in their homes ?

-Don't the previous generation use network & cellphones ?

-Don't the previous generation email,gmail, for a quicker send/receive of information ?

-What about the treatments & medical knowledge today that makes so many of previous generations to have a better longer healthy life & don't get harm that soon by the same diseases that harmed so many people years ago?

-How many of cases the better hygiene products today makes the previous generation in current world to enjoy their lives & feel more satisfied with the solutions?

The list can continue as in any aspect of life the previous generation members using every single benefits that invented in current  time. In this perspective, previous generation having it way too easy as well as this generation.

"Note: I wonder when Industrial Revolution happened back in time, did (the previous generation of that decade) became so obsess about the point that our next generation doesn't have to work to build a ship ? & device works instead of humans ? In compare of today, older people obsessed with this generation's network availability" ?

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New conveniences. New challenges. Back then you can graduate high school and start working at the same factory/mine/plant/mill just like your daddy and grandaddy for 40+ years then retire. You'd be considered as a "middle-class'. Sadly that underachieving mentality doesn't work anymore as you witness the decline in areas that relied on unskilled, uneducated, well-paid labor from a single industry. Think Detroit, Appalachians, rural Illinois, eastern Kentucky etc.

These days you need a college degree, in a professional field, from a competitive alma mater to do well without many problems. Colleges aren't as cheap as they used to be either, you'll have to be frugal and budget for a good chunk of your young adult life to pay off your loans. Neither are they easy to get into. The incoming freshman class of Cal Poly, which is considered only somewhat above average compared to other California colleges has an average GPA of 4.2. It takes considerable planning and hard work just to get through that bracket of life. Those that don't work hard end up covered in dirt, dust, or oil; while being on the whim of the global market. And grow up into cranky adults with the "Dangit Obama!" mentality.

What's wrong with asking for help? I know many who have this "I aint need nobodies help" but from what I learn out of life is that you do need people's help. I wouldn't be where I am today without people's help. From teachers, friends, family, angel investors, business incubators, and other mentors. You shouldn't mock people asking for help. Sure there's an easier way to do it now, but asking the right questions is as hard as ever.

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Do you really want to compare generations with when wars were present or it when it was an every day practice to rob and murder villagers?


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