What is a cause that you feel strongly about and would love to share with everyone?


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I support veterans programs, animal shelters and most strongly, a particular scholarship program.

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Among the causes I'd like to emphasize to others:

The need to revamp and improve the US public education curriculum, top to bottom. Our future as a society hinges on it. Too many tests, too little useful learning.

The eradication of the Federal Reserve System. It is purposely constructed to insure unabated public debt.

The creation of term limits in Congress and the US Supreme Court. Too many poison pills entrenched in positions of power.

The absolute imperative to remove all doubt about the Earth's changing climate, and the immediate need for renewable energy.

Debunking the narratives of mythology and superstition to further the expansion of knowledge and science, worldwide. We've suffered too long under what the first two produce, we'd do better to cultivate scholastic access to the latter. 

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But did they foresee the political manipulations involved in the selection and approval process for Justices? The problem I assert is giving political appointees (which is what SC justices are) a job for life, regardless of their performance.
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My thinking on performance is the volume of activity the Court conducts. I'm not sure if you'd agree, but the SC seems to convene and act at a glacial pace. What inducements are there to do more, recess less.
The process of appointing Justices is solid more in theory, than in practice.
On the lighter side, they are all lawyers. -Z
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Saving homeless animals and stopping animal cruelty!!!!!!

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Mental illness. As a country I would like to see more programs and support for families who are supporting a mentally ill person. We are still living in an age where there are too many falling through the cracks because we lack the services, insurance, or every day services for the families and the people who are mentally ill. We still act like we can just institutionalize and forget about them.

I would like to talk to someone about affordable care for our pets. There are a lot of people out there who have had to make the hard choice of deciding to take their pet to the vet or to eat. We have an abundance of pets being put down every day. How about affordable care so that no family has to make that choice and more animals would be adopted out.

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Don't be a Partisan. Seriously. Vote for yourself, not for your political party. Also, donate money to a history department at the closest university or college near you, especially if you live in America! We don't show our Historians any love anymore. My university used to have 9 History teachers now we only have 4.

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The relevance of our creator to our daily lives. The idea that we should do what we think is best, regardless of the loving guidance and direction of our creator, has lead many to hurtful experiences. The idea that "experience is the best teacher" is flawed. Experience will sometimes teach you things that you would not like to learn.

There is also the misrepresentation that has made by "church theology". It has lead many to the wrong conclusion about our creator. Because of it some think that he is a tyrant, unloving and can not be trusted.

When it becomes important enough to know the truth and it is sought for in sincerity and humility it can be found.

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