Do you hang out a flag on Veterans Day or do you forget or just not do it?


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Moga Deet answered

I don't put out a flag anymore, but I always go to a parade.  It will be very cold tomorrow.

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Skip Gentry answered

I don't put out a flag but I don't forget it's Veterans day either. My son is a Veteran of Desert Storm. I am grateful and support all those who have served our country.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I put a flag out every day. It's a small one but it's there. I keep it inside by my front door and when I take the dog out in the morning, I stick the flag in the holder and take it in at night time.

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Matt Radiance answered

ummm well! Actually i always hanging out flag! Everyday! We shouldn't remember our veterans and what it cost to be a country, a nation and to be America just for one day or our few memorial events.

I don't care what kind of things might be going on inside our country, from goods to bad i'm talking about.

Today i have freedom, i have so many great gift of life because our soldiers,our troops, veterans and every single person who served and serving our country. And the least i can do is to appreciate them everyday and do my best to remember our veterans in the best way possible and when i could get stronger power on my life in the way that i could do something stronger, i take few veteran programs in hand.

That's how i live it up!

♥ Salute ♥ To veterans

♥ U . S . A ♥

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Ancient One answered

We have a flag out front and one in the back yard facing the river flying everyday. Veteran's day we add a few more in the front along the road.

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