My teacher is making describe the issue and U.S. relationship/stance to four different current events.They are Russia, Paris, Israel/Palestine, and one of my choice. I have searched for hours, but can't find anything?


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The news on TV and in newspapers are saturated with exactly what you are looking for. I'm guessing you don't pay attention to world events?

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This is a very smart teacher. These are things you MUST know about. It's time to grow up a little. Try Googling these strings:

Paris terror attacks November 2015
Charlie Hebdo terror attack
Paris Metro bombing 2013
Terrorist threats against Paris
US response to France terror
ISIS: Who are they? What are they trying to achieve?

Don't depend on what other people are saying. Don't depend on what you see on the TV. Above all, DO NOT depend on anything you see on Fox. Do some research. Learn a little. Stand up.
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I'd say don't depend on anything you see from ANY of the news organizations. They are ALL biased.

The closest you can get to an unbiased source is the BBC … but even they have grown more biased recently.
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I gotta agree. BBC is certainly among the best.
The commercial channels in Oz are treating it like Christmas. Sensational news, low cost programming, capacity audiences guaranteed. They treat us as though we're idiots. Fortunately, my TV comes with an Off switch.

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