Parking Sign said "Pregnant Women". Man alone parked in the space. I pretended to take his pic. He was irate. Followed me in the store, yelling over and over "If I was white, you would not say a word". I had enough of his foolish talk, I said in a loud voice, ARE YOU PREGNANT? People clapped. Was I wrong? 


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Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Maybe he was ! Ya never know nowadays ! It's the Holidays and the creeps are out in force. Sorry you had to put up with that! You weren't wrong in the least! I'm proud of you!

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PJ Stein answered

No. He was, unless he had dropped a pregnant passenger at the door. 

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Ancient Hippy answered

Good for you!!!! The guy sounds like a real douche bag.

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Cookie Roma answered

That was perfect!!!!

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Soul Fly answered

I don't think you were wrong, but I don't agree with what you did. We don't even know what type of store this was or why he was there. Maybe there was an emergency of some sort. We shouldn't be so quick to judge.

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Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
@ Kay, he had time to follow me, and be belligerent for 5-7 minutes, wait another 3-5 minutes for the manager, 3-5 minutes to give his side of the story, wait another 3-5 while I gave mine. All while his NON EXIST PREGNANT wife was in labor, somewhere in the store or perhaps in the car. Ok.
Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
@ Kay Thank you. I'm moving on 🌞
Soul Fly
Soul Fly commented
You are entitled to your opinions. Your comment reminds me of a quote from Mark Twain. Be well.
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Walt O'Reagun answered

Huh ... I've never seen a parking spot reserved for pregnant women ... Nice idea, though.

But why *pretend* to take his pic?  What did you think it would accomplish?  Other than a confrontation, which you got.

I mean, if you had a phone to pretend with ... Why not take a real pic or video?

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Tom Jackson answered

Perhaps a slight failure on the charity side, but I love the way you administered justice.

I suppose it is possible that he had an "emergency;" but if that were the case, he could simply have shouted that or he would been moving fast enough for you to think there was a valid reason.

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