How would guys feel if women wolf whistled at them and touched them without consent?

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They can look and whistle all they want but if they touch, they lose an arm.

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That hasn't happened for a while but it always made me smile. I remember this one time when...

But hang on, this is a family friendly site. Let your imagination work on it. >:-D


Of course, you asked how I would feel and I answered truthfully. I also understand that most women and many men would feel quite differently. I have no respect for gropers and whistlers.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Depends on the individuals involved, and the situation.

At one point in my life, I was in good shape and young ... I got whistled at nearly every day, by female coworkers.  It was all in fun, and I was a major flirt.

Now, being much older and out of shape ... I'd wouldn't even think it was directed at me - or that it was a joke.  LOL

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Now that would depend on the woman, wouldn't it?

Regardless, your question is ill posed because of the variance between the sexes. Try taking a little evolutionary biology ( human ethology, human behavioral ecology and human behavioral neurology ) and a little less Gender Studies.

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ide call it a party

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If a woman whistled at me, I'd love it! Yes, indeed! Someone actually thinks I look good enough to get my attention. As guys, we don't get that much body positive or support for the way we look, so if a woman whistles at me, then that makes me feel better.

As for being touched without my consent, it would be a little uncomfortable. I've had it happen to me before.

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