If you put up a Christmas tree in your home, do you prefer a real tree or do you like the artificial trees. The reason I ask is have you seen what they charge for Christmas trees now?


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Ours is always real tree, blue spruce, cut down in November (so that the juices have time to enclose around the needles)  and we put it up a few days before Christmas--  not always the prettiest one we can find.

My husband & I have a Christmas tree production, have a few acres of them on our farm & we live in Denmark. We sell the blue spruce for export mostly with few private local customers. I suppose the prices are very high now in the States, whereas they are low here in Europe, due to much competition.

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It's always so sad to see the natural trees cast aside as garbage after the season ends. What a waste.

We've long preferred the artificial type because you only pay for them once, they don't drop countless needles, turn brown, carry bugs, aren't big fire hazards and we dont have to go out and strap one to the top of a car every year in the midst of everything else we have to do at this time of the season. 

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Call me Z
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We spent (squandered) plenty of cash on real trees in our time, though. It just became so unsettling when the artificial ones cost about the same (some even have lights already on them now) and we can stick it back in the box, not kick it to the curb.
Rooster Cogburn
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I had one that was flocked with the lights all on it. Nice tree but my Hound decided he liked it more !
dragonfly forty-six
Every year after Christmas I have to go by the tree lot with my hands covering my eyes. It makes me so sad. Something about a Christmas tree standing next to the dumpster, never enjoyed, just looks depressing. If I could I would show up at the lot on Christmas eve day. Buy every tree left, then give them to any one needing or wanting one. There are those who can't afford a tree. There should not be any at all left next to a dumpster.
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I do artificial now. It broke my heart switching over from real. About 8 years ago I started to develop an allergy to the real ones. The sniffles weren't bad back then and could be managed. But when I took the tree down, wherever the tree touched me I broke out in blisters. My arms were a mess!

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We have a nice Manhattan Fir we put up every year.  It was assembled by some nice children in China.  When you stand it up and assemble the three sections all the lights are already on the tree and the branches just flop down into the correct position.  Nevxer will go back to a real tree. 

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I'm with Sheldon and Otis, the smell makes a real tree worthwhile.

We don't bother decorating any more but we used to have a pine tree in a pot. It spent most of the year in the garden, or the shade house, but it came indoors for a few weeks every Christmas.

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We had a fully decorated artificial tree up for a few years. When my daughter was sick it was the only thing that brought her joy. When she got better we got rid of it and haven't put up a new one since. Although I love a real tree I just don't want something that won't last for long. So I'd probably go artificial if we start celebrating again.

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Rooster Cogburn
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My dang Basset loves to chew on them, so I haven't put one up for a while either.
dragonfly forty-six
Funny dog. Haven't heard about a Christmas tree eating dog before! Lol. My best friends daddy kept a fully decorated tree in a huge refrigerator box in the basement. Every year he'd just pull it up, set it down, straighten a few things and hola! Christmas! I'd go over there every year just to watch. That just made me laugh.
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I love a real tree personally.....here, the DNR collects the real trees after the season is over and they use them in our beautiful lakes here as fish attractions....fishing around them is great too! Some people use the live trees with an intact root ball, then plant it after the season.

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I have a 4 ft. Artificial tree I've been using for about 10 years. I set in on a table. I always decorate it every year. At the end of the season I take everything off to put it away. That way every year it's decorated a little different from the previous year.

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