What is your political point of view? What led you to that perspective? What aspects would you like to be changed in the USA? what do you appreciate about the USA?


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I appreciate my freedom.
The list of aspects that I would change is too long to list here.
This is not the site to air my political points of view and my perspectives on them. It would only lead to an argumentative exchange of comments.

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America is being driven into the mud by liberals. Putin is more popular than Obama, believe it or not. If we don't quit bending to everyone's will, we will no longer be a country.

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There's a tone of things that i appreciate about my country. Above all would be the freedom. There's so many gifts that America providing to it's citizens. A taste of an original life. From the smallest to it's biggest subject. Being truly land of free,brave and opportunity. When you really wanna do something and having something to show and provide. There's someone to listen to you,hear you and watch you and give what you need to ignite yourself, to help you to put yourself in the right path of your talent or whatever you have to provide in benefit of yourself and the country and the world.

And well, there's some things i'd like to see changes on it, nobody and nothing is prefect yet America will always be among the greatest.however i prefer to not get into it's debate following Hippy's statement. Argument is not something i would buy either receiving outlooks upon what i give as my idea.

However, i would give out a random ramble. How about we start with not giving any rights to "illegal immigrants" and deport them ASAP. And teach them the legal path, come, get interviewed, get qualified, the system become sure, you know enough about United States of America and it's principles, systems, and society and you can live with it. Then get your legal papers.Green card and citizenship. And start to be part of America and American life. LEGAL and beautiful.

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I will summarize my political stance within the confines of the last two words typed in this answer: Benjamin Carson

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I've always held the conservative point of view. I agree with the majority of conservative principles such as closing our borders, smaller government, balancing the budget instead of raising the debt ceiling, education instead of indoctrination, supporting our allies, etc. I would also love to get out from under this smothering blanket of political correctness where everything is considered racist or sexist. Even still, this is the greatest country there is. We are free. Not only free to choose how to live but also religiously free. Good day my friend.

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