If everyone was "Well-To-Do" "Rich" aka wealthy in money, would there still be problems?


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Money doesn't solve bigotry, racism, ignorance, zealotry, etc.

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Jann Nikka
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I agree you're ignorance is bliss. I thought very highly of you and your opinions. Since you're going to stoop to naming calling, I'll never talk to you again😝.
Jann Nikka
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@Walt, good point. Thanks.
Call me Z
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Do whatever you like Jan. I'm still wealthy and you still don't understand what that's like, though i I made a concerted effort at conveying it to you. I won't again. Not for you.
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It's likely we'd find something else to fight over. In the movie Jupiter Ascending, there's mention of an interesting scenario where there are inhabitable planets across the universe... So things like space and natural resources are no longer at a premium.

Instead, there's a big battle over "time" - or, more accurately, the ability to regenerate human cells via a serum that is harvested by wiping out the population of entire planets.

So maybe something like that would still be an issue?

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A very clever guy named Bill Gilbert once wrote a song about just this subject and his buddy, Sir Arthur Sullivan, set it to music. It's lengthy, so I won't quote it all but it was about a democratic king who wanted all men to be "as rich as he and so, to the top of every tree, promoted everybody."

"Lord Chancellors were cheap as sprats,
And Bishops in their shovel hats
Were plentiful as tabby cats--
In point of fact, too many.
Ambassadors cropped up like hay,
Prime Ministers and such as they
Grew like asparagus in May,
And Dukes were three a penny..."

Unfortunately, Mr Gilbert came to the conclusion that, "When everybody's somebody then no-one's anybody." Which just about answers your question.

It's not to everybody's taste, of course, but here's a link:

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Big "If". Very big. 

Folks who've never had real money too often believe wealth is a panacea for all the world's ills. Far from it. Wealth brings its own set of problems; larger bills, myriad security concerns, tax problems, unrealistic expectations of philanthropy, false friends, "relatives" crawling out of the woodwork, targeting by frivolous lawsuits, and everybody with a sad tale and a hand out. Not to mention the many potential ills of personal excess. Been there, done that, my friend. 

If anything, used for unscrupulous personal agenda, wealth can provide both time and resources to advance ones personal hatreds, prejudices and bad habits. Look at the billionaire Koch Bros, they've been trying to buy high govt offices for many years, no one with an iota of intelligence can say they have the public benefit in their plans.

Many rich folk squander their money on trifles and foolishness, end up being destitute. How many fat-salaried jocks can we cite? I've known more than a few who lost great sums of wealth paying lawyers to clean up their bad choices. 

In the larger sense, there is no possibility that everyone can, or will become financially independent, the gap between rich and poor expands daily, and there are too many rich and powerful people working tirelessly to ensure it. There will always be a need for maintaining a working class, plenty of human fodder for their ranks and powers-that-be to keep it that way. After all, somebody has to pick the crops, work retail, keep the lights on and collect the garbage, right?

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Of course, money can't cure my mental illnesses. But if I had enough money to get therapy/help, then my issues can be treated but not cured.

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