Have you ever had a near-death experience?


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Yes, when I was a little boy.

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Didge Doo
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You never forget something like that, Hippy, no matter how ancient you get.
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I remember that it was the worse, yet most calming thing that ever happened to me. I was only about 5 years old at the time.
Ancient Hippy
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Wow, yes it was drowning. I remember tumbling in the surf in the ocean in Jersey. I could feel his big hands pulling me out of the water, that's when I became calm, relaxed and saw a lot of color flashes. He said he pumped my chest and gave me mouth to mouth and I coughed, opened my eyes and cried. I'm glad that he was a boy scout when he was a kid and that he remembered his first aid training.
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Not personally, though I've knocked on the door two or three times. Hmm, that could be ominous. Maybe when the time finally arrives there'll be nobody there to let me in and I'll be stuck on this planet forever.

BUT, Mrs Didge most certainly had one.

They lost her during surgery during the early 1970s. The surgeon never admitted it, of course, but the theatre sister told her later. During that operation she floated above her body and drifted around the room. She was even able to read the manufacturer's label on the back of the equipment -- something that wasn't possible from the operating table.

It wasn't one of your "tunnel of light" experiences but she still has a very graphic memory of what happened. She says she was very reluctant to return to her body.

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I had one back in 96. I saw the light above the door, and started to move towards it, but then I saw the surgeon working and I got interested in what he was doing, so I stopped to see what was going on. After watching for a  bit I got tired, and lay back down in my body and went to sleep. 

I survived.. LOL

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Back in 2012, I had a DVT emergency.  I was told that there was no way I should have survived that and if I hadn't gone to the ER that night, I most likely wouldn't have lived until the next day. 

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Had a heart attack once, but it really was kinda drama free.  No "clear", or bright lights or anything like that.  Did discover morphine is nice stuff. 

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Been in several bad car wrecks raced motocross and crashed out

Hit by car while bicycling two times

Im like a cat with nine lives

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Yea years ago in a soccer match i was forward and  i backed to the defense to help my team and there was a moment where i tried to save the ball from scoring i jumped, saved the ball but my head hit the bar and the next thing i remember from that moment was being in hospital, i was told i lost so much blood and i wouldn't make it if couldn't get in hospital in time.

Another time in soccer my foot injured so critical and i was losing blood constantly like a river! Lol! It was too much and they couldn't stop it at the moment so i needed to be transferred quickly to nearest clinic or hospital, i experienced a very strange cute thing! Lol! In the bleeding process, first i got numb, then i felt sleepy and slowly were losing my eye sight and then i got deaf and were about to faint, just like stories, everywhere were getting bright and i was automatically dragging into it but suddenly i've been pulled out! I was waiting for angels but i've seen doctors around me! Haha!

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There have been a few close calls for me, usually due to my own bad decisions. Deciding to swim across a small lake as a novice swimmer didn't seem so bad until I got in the middle and started having leg cramps. Fortunately for me, a close friend who was a much better swimmer noticed what was happening and swam out to me and then swam side by side with me, literally talking me across the rest of the way.

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Reminds me of one of my triathlons. The swim leg was in a coastal lake and that year it was infested by stinging jellyfish. We got stung so many times that most of us were cramping up and had to swim without legs.

The difference with your situation was that we were all experienced swimmers and we'd all done it before. Makes a difference. I'm glad you made it OK.

(Mrs Didge and I never did that triathlon again. It wasn't a good experience.)
Smiley Crankenhoof
Thank you. It's very different swimming using only the upper body. Until then, I hadn't done it that way. I was lucky to have such a good friend watching out for me.

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